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Corona Virus Newsletter

Office Open Regular Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

11-1pm & 3-6pm

Saturday 9-12noon

New measures have been taken for all of our safety and wellbeing.

If you wish, bring a sheet or towel to add to your protection.

Chiropractic got it's first recognition during the Spanish Flu, put us on the map as wellness practitioners.

Message from my Ayurvedic Teacher, Dr, Smita Naram, concerning Corona Virus:

We stock the Ayurvedic herbs she mentions and will be ordering more this week so we do not run out. ViroFight.

Natur-Tyme Fair postponed as is US Ayushakti Clinics

Natur-Tyme Fair postponed till October 4th due to all events closed at NYS Fairgrounds.

Ayushakti Clinics are postponed because Consultants cannot travel back to India after being in Europe and USA.

March 30th - April 2nd from 8-10am

Video conference calls with Vaidya Ronak are available. Call for an appointment.


Time to Invest in Home Care.

The future of medicine is in self care

I use my BEMER everyday twice a day to establish an Underlying Pre existing condition of Health and Wellbeing.

I used LED Light Therapy to get myself Healthy after my Car Accident in 2012 both before and after surgery,

Cold Laser is now the treatment that even other Chiropractors send me patients.

I could think of no other profession I would rather be than a Chiropractor. Reducing interference and letting Nature heal. 32 years and going STRONG!!

Listen to Dr. Steve being interviewed about the difference between LED, Cold Laser, and BEMER:

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